Hi, I'm Ryder Kessler.

I'm the CEO of DipJar — we enable cashless generosity via a hardware, software, and payments platform for joyful, friction-free donations. As usage of cash, checks, and paper pledge cards declines, DipJar steps in to make nonprofit fundraising fast and easy for a new generation of donors.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and AngelList; and read about us in Fortune, Selfish Giving, and TechCrunch.

Want more? Check out the blog, Urbane Sprawl, I update infrequently; read a PolicyMic op-ed on how the shift from cash to plastic has hurt low-wage workers; or listen to me talk about the origins of DipJar on So Money with Farnoosh Torabi.

I also maintain The Monkeys You Ordered, a Tumblr of my own literally-captioned New Yorker cartoons.

Find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.